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Investment Property Finance to 80% for New Zealanders and Australians!

If you are a New Zealander or Australian, living here or in Australia, you can finance a Residential Investment Property up to 80%

For many years buying a rental investment property, or a number of them, has been a way for many New Zealander's to start planning for future retirement and creating wealth. Most start with a residential property investment, as there always seems to be a need for rental accommodation in areas where there are jobs, schools and services such as retail, medical & transport. Another reason residential investment is popular is that finance up to 80% can be available with a Non Bank lender or 60% with a Bank, on a standalone basis. 100% can also be requested if using equity in your existing home.

In the past investment loans have been approved up to 90% but with current Reserve Bank restrictions the Banks are limiting loans on rental investment properties to 60% of the purchase price or valuation and when using your home as part equity, this can have borrowing at no more than 80%. Or with a Non Bank lender we can do 80% on your own home and rentals providing they are owned in the same names.

Another interesting option may be to build your investment property using a well known builder which may still allow lending to 80%, with a Bank!

Commercial investment can be more complex and may appeal to a more seasoned investor and often require a larger capital investment. Cash deposits are closer to 35% or again you can also use equity in your existing home or commercial property. For more details, refer Commercial Property Finance.

The decision on buying an investment property and proceeding to arrange finance should only be made after seeking advice from your Accountant and Solicitor with regards to taxation and ownership structures.

Interest only repayments are a common choice and whilst this reduces your monthly outgoings, and may be easier to service on your rental income, you are not reducing debt. The other option is principal and interest, where you are paying interest and starting to pay back, or reduce your loan. The best option for you will be influenced by your attitude to debt or may well be recommended by your Accountant.

With the fixed rates at present, locking in for a 2 - 3 year term can remove the risk of any immediate interest rate increases and protect your cash flow. With this comes the chance of a jump in rates on expiry of the fixed rate term. You need to have a plan for this and this may be to split your finance over several terms between 1 and 5 years to avoid a sudden change in outgoings.

We are also now getting regular enquiries from either Kiwis, working in Australia or Australians, living here or at home, looking to buy New Zealand investment rental properties. Their current New Zealand Banks are limiting this to 60% plus scaling back offshore income.

Through a Non Bank lender we have access to 80% finance on rental properties, providing you also refinance your current home loan to them. This finance is on an interest only or principal and interest basis. This is a market leading product at a time when Banks are restricted beyond 60% on a rental property and 80% for owner occupied home loans.

If you are from New Zealand and Australia, living in countries other than New Zealand or Australia, the rules are stricter and any lending facility may be at a lower level.

Terms and conditions will apply and property location, credit history and income details will be key factors.

If you are looking for help with investment property finance higher than 60%, up to 80% and would like to talk to an adviser contact us now on:
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