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Low Doc No Financials Loans Now Available For Up To 80% of Valuation

Have you been declined by your Bank as your income is "seasonal" or "hard to prove" as you do not have current financial data from your Accountant? Perhaps you have only been in business 6 months? The product that may help you is known as "Low Doc", "Lo Doc", or a "Non Conforming" Loan. This is an exciting product that has allowed many self employed and small business owners the opportunity to buy homes, investments, or access equity in their property.

But times have changed with the current credit squeeze, with loans often only available now, if you have significant equity and even then we may have to approach a Non Bank Lender, Solicitors Nominee fund or a Private Investor for a loan offer.

Low Doc Home Loans are also known as No Doc or Lo Doc Home Loans, Self Cert Home Loans or No Financials Loans.

Provided now mostly by Non Bank lenders up to say 70% or 80% of the valuation, the common factor is that the requirements to confirm income using the usual Pay Slips, Letters from Employer or Balance Sheet and Accounts are waived. Often the lender is relying on you to estimate your income without the need for them to verify it. A current Registered Valuation will be a key requirement and often the lender will want to meet you personally at the proposed security address. For more information visit our Non Bank Low Doc page on

If you are self employed, a business owner, or may be on commission only or have part time or seasonal work a low doc or self cert home loan may be just right for you. Often you will have found out that your normal banker or broker makes it just too hard for you, with too much paper work required.

A Low Doc Loan can be for a 12 - 24 month term in a bridging finance situation, with options to either meet monthly interest payments or have repayments included or added to the loan, which may give you time to increase your income or to sell down. Options also exist for longer terms out to say 30 years but our goal with these is to try and get you back to a Bank with lower interest rates after say 3 years. The criteria for long term low doc home loans currently includes a limit to 80%, depending on an acceptable registered valuation, this reduces in some locations to the point that some properties are not acceptable at all. Clean credit and well conducted bank accounts are to your advantage as they may allow the interest rate to be reduced.

Contact us for information on low doc home loans to a maximum of 80% of valuation with minimal income information required.

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