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Allan Nicol - Mortgage Broker for East & South Auckland

Get Practical Advice for Home Loan or Refinancing

Allan Nicol - East and South Auckland Mortgage Broker

In 2000 Allan completed 11 years with Emery Worldwide, an American based multi-national freight forwarder, covering a variety of roles but specialising in Customs Brokerage. Thereafter, Allan took up a role with Owens International Freight as Senior Customs Broker providing mentoring assistance for Junior Brokers. Allan was promoted to Customs Supervisor, leading the Customs Team and reporting to the Auckland Office Manager.

2004 was a watershed year for his family as they started home schooling their daughter, Bree.

Professionally, Allan left the freight forwarding industry after 15 years and began a 4 year involvement in education helping to establish The Mathemagic Computer Tutor as the premier mathematics tutoring product.

Having fostered a love for education with his daughter and with many other families, in June 2009 an exciting opportunity arose to join a team of very experienced Financial Advisers, at First Rate Mortgages Limited, to help provide advice to clients, often in the East and South Auckland area, on arranging and structuring home loans and mortgages. A real focus for Allan is on the number one hindrance to families in achieving long term financial security – by helping them manage their finances better to repay that mortgage quickly! In the current climate Allan is also helping many people refinance and consolidate debt to help them survive as incomes may have dropped through redundancy or less hours.

Allan certainly understands that when you purchase a home you should not spend the next 30 years paying it off!

The same rules should apply when you either move to a new home, consolidate debt or buy a rental property, why would you then just start another 30 year home loan sentence. Allan is a firm believer in helping clients with the disciplne of money management! See what Allan's clients say on the reviews page.

Another strength of Allan is his ability to help people, who may have had a financial mishap, get back on track. There are now many happy home owners, that Allan has helped, who may have once thought that home ownership was impossibe, due to bad credit or some missed loan repayments.

Allan has now completed the National Certificate in Financial Services (Financial Advice) (Level 5) for both Residential property Lending and Insurance Advice, and has become a Registered Financial Adviser to meet the new Government industry standards for 2011.

If you need the services of a Mortgage Broker in East or South Auckland, who is a Registered Financial Adviser, for help with Home Loans, Refinancing your Mortgage, especially as a first home buyer with a low or gifted deposit, Allan is available to meet you at your home, office or even a local cafe!

You can call Allan Nicol on the numbers below 7 days a week

Home Office: 09 274 9600
Toll Free: 0800 178 728
Mobile: 021 726 892

Fax 09 274 9609

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