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Debt Consolidation Options

Sometimes the best option for you is to refinance your home loan into a new mortgage, to allow you to get a better rate, consolidate debt, or mortgage arrears and to start again. Alternatively a second mortgage or caveat loan can give you almost immediate cash, if you have good equity in your home. Are you losing sleep or underwater with your monthly loan commitments? Has your Home Loan provider, like GE Money, Freedom, United & Wizard Home Loans, Pioneer, Tasman and Bluestone Mortgages gone out of business?

Credit Card Debt

Why not look at some mortgage refinance options with better rates?

Many New Zealanders with existing Home Loans also have a number of credit cards, Hire Purchase Agreements and a Car Loan. These repayments can add up to a significant amount each month and you soon seem to be "robbing Peter to pay Paul" and have no spare cash for other essential costs or the things you enjoy.

If you were to consolidate these debts into one new home loan you would free up some cash, plus have the convenience of just one mortgage with the repayment due at the same time as your pay days. Imagine how much easier refinancing your loans like this would be!

Do you want to avoid falling into this trap again and find out how to pay your mortgage off quicker?

Looking for the Best Rate?

With the range of Home Loan & Mortgage lenders in New Zealand diminishing significantly with GE Money, Wizard Home Loans, United Home loans, Tasman Mortgages, Freedom Home Loans, Bluestone Mortgages, Property Finance Securities & Pioneer Mortgages now ceasing to operate, many of their clients are now stuck with uncompetitive rates, no top up facilities & no customer service. Your best option is probably to refinance now as interest rates are still very low and look to consolidate some of that short term debt.

Refinancing is a great time to review your Home and Contents and Personal Life Insurance.

When did you last check you had "The Cover" to "Re Cover" when things do not go as planned. With New Zealand experiencing a most unfortunate string of tragedies over recent years, such as the mining disaster, Christchurch earthquakes and tornadoes we have all been given a very close to home reminder on the importance of having Personal Life Insurance and Home and Contents cover.

Need Quick Cash?

A Personal Loan, Second Mortgage or Caveat Loan can give you almost immediate access to equity in your home. If you only need funds for a short period this may be a better option. Our lenders usually require security against you own property or that of a guarantor. If your own bank will not assist you can refer to Second Mortgages for more information.

The option to refinance your mortgage or use a second mortgage provides many home owners in New Zealand with options to get better rates, consolidate debt, loan or mortgage arrears, or to gain quick access to equity in their New Zealand home.

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