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Affordable prices draw home buyers to smaller towns – how we can help…

According to CoreLogic (which is the largest provider of property information, analytics, property-related risk management & geospatial location intelligence in Australia and New Zealand) home values in Kawerau, a small town of 6800 people have soared by 27% over the past year.

The values grew from average of $181,353 to $230,500 in one year. This was the highest jump in the country with Wairarapa and Clifton, Invercargill close behind. CoreLogic highlighted that the growth indicates the best finds for buyers chasing capital gains, may now be in the smaller towns rather than the cities.

The good news is that First Rate and Non Bank Mortgages provide a national service to clients – no matter where you live. As we have bank and non bank options there is a wider range of lenders who may fit better into the smaller town applications and situations where refinancing and debt consolidation are required.