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Introducing Keith Styles Insurance Advice Specialist

Introducing Keith Styles – Keystone Financial Solutions – Insurance Advice Specialist

It is our pleasure to introduce Keith Styles to you. Keith is an insurance advice specialist who is now working alongside us at First Rate Mortgages.

Keith has dealt with Life and Health insurance since 1988 so when you talk to Keith you get the benefit of his vast industry experience to help you decide exactly which insurance solutions are right for you, your family or your business. Keith believes wholeheartedly that planning for your future shouldn’t be about buying products and accepting that one size fits all solutions. It should be about what you want to achieve – what you want to protect – and what you want to pay.

It is very important to us that you protect your assets and review your risk. If you are a new client, it will be Keith that we will be referring you to and if you are an existing client you are welcome to contact Keith to discuss new or your existing insurances. [email protected] or Keith 027 5397877.