Are low doc self employed home loans the right solution for you? 

If you are self-employed and applying for a home loan, a business owner, or have contract or seasonal work, a low doc home loan may be the right solution for you. You may have been turned down by your usual banker or broker, or been told there is too much paperwork required for a successful home loan application.

A low doc home loan is a product that allows many self-employed, contract, or small-business owners the opportunity to apply for a home loan, invest, or access equity in their property. Low doc home loans are now available in NZ for up to 80% of valuation with minimal income information verification needed.

Talk to one of our registered and experienced mortgage brokers to discuss your situation and how we can help you with low doc home loans. The team at First Rate specialise in finding non bank lending solutions for all your funding needs.

“Fantastic, solved the problem of getting us into our home in a non bank capacity. We are self employed, just returned from the UK. Being non bank the costs were greater than a bank but better than no options at all. Thanks for the great service guys.”

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