Let us help you add property to your portfolio

Once you own one rental you quickly learn about choosing tenants, maintenance on fridges, waste disposers and too often carpet stains. Whilst a good property management company can assist reduce the stress, you still notice the impact on your bank balance!

As you gain in confidence managing your first one or two rentals you will often think, OK, let's buy some more.

Typically clients will be leveraging off equity in their own home, perhaps some savings and capital gain in their existing rental portfolio.

This is where it can be a a little complicated as the Reserve Bank has their own set of rules or speed bumps, to slow you down. Then the Banks have their own policy with regards to calculating how much you can borrow, your ability to service the loans, meet any periods of vacancy and how rent reliant you are, compared to your current income from employment.

Often at this point it is time to look at starting a new relationship with another Bank. We have had many clients come to us with borrowing "maxed out" with their own Bank, but still looking for ways to move ahead. Can you imagine their excitement when after being told "No" by their Bank, we are sometimes able to arrange say another $1,000,000 funding line.

If you need help, talk to our experienced team, we can look at your current position, discuss your rental property goals moving forward and then work out a plan.

“We have been working with Kim and his team for a few years now. We have found them to be persistent in obtaining the best outcome for us; sometimes under trying circumstances. This is now the fourth property we are financing with Kim and would recommend them for their dedication to service, exploring the best possible solutions and negotiating the most competitive interest rates for their clients. Thanks to Kim, Natalie and the team for your support!! ”

Sageran and Pinkie