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Many New Zealanders with existing home loans also have a number of credit cards, hire purchase agreements and a car loan. These repayments can add up to a significant amount each month and you soon seem to be "robbing Peter to pay Paul", with no spare cash for other essential costs or for the things you enjoy.

Clients are often then attracted to P2P lending from the likes of Harmoney and Lending CROWD as a quick-fix online no-advice solution.

Ideally you should consolidate these debts into one new home loan and free up some cash, plus have the convenience of just one mortgage with the repayment due at the same time as you receive your pay. Imagine how much easier refinancing your loans like this would be! Another option for you to consider may be to consolidate your short-term debt into a separate short term home loan of say 5 years. This gives you the benefit of home loan rates which may be as much as 15% - 20% less than what you are currently paying. By paying less interest you can pay debt off faster.

If you think this an option for you call the First Rate team now, we can help you sleep better at night.

“I would recomend First Rate Mortgages to anyone who needs help with financing their house or who needs to consolidate debts. Special mention goes to Yvonne and Kim for their lovely service and the way they helped my husband and I to save our family home! There service was extradionary and they made us feel very comfortable about our situation.”

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