We offer advice on how to remortgage your home loan

Refinancing from one lender to another happens for many reasons and these can range from not getting on with your bank manager, on-going poor service or mistakes, a dishonour when you had money in a different account, interest rates that are too high and the biggie, they declined your loan!

There are also clients who find that as a result of some earlier financial issues in their life, or even just being self employed, that their home loan is with a lender who may have high rates, no options for fixing and in some instances, not even have an office in New Zealand any more.

When this happens it is best to look at a mortgage refinance option and to discuss this with a specialist.

We are trusted financial advisers and mortgage brokers, with an in-depth understanding of lenders in NZ. We have a working knowledge of lending and mortgage options that are flexible and work for all credit types.

If you are looking for the best rate for refinancing your mortgage, or for advice and help with debt consolidation, contact one of the experienced and friendly team at First Rate today.

“Kim and Natalie from First Rate Mortgages provided an outstanding service to us as we were looking to refinance. Kim made contact with us immediately and came to our home where he offered us sound advice and made the refinance process really clear for us. Natlalie and Kim, both provided ongoing contact with us throughout the process and were able to quickly obtain refinancing for us despite us being in a difficult financial situation. Their financial advice for future consideration by us has proved invaluable and we have no hesitation in working with them again in future or recommending their team for the use by others.”

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